As of September 23, funerals and gatherings up to 30 people are now permitted.  However, for indoor events and activites this may not exceed 25% of maximum building capacity.

Our funeral home has facilities and rooms available in various sizes and configurations, so the 25% of maximum capacity requirement may limit your event to less than the 30 person maximim.

It is strongly recommended that you contact Heritage Funeral & Cremation to review the restrictions that may be required for your memorial service, funeral, reception or other other activity based on the room or facility that you were considering or have planned.


Call us at (509) 838-8900

Email us at information@heritagefunerals.com




  • The above 30 persons or 25% of capacity limitations do not apply to our staff or other vendors.
  • Family and guests (in addition to staff and other vendors) are required to maintain social distancing and use an appropriate mask while attending the service or event.
  • Our staff and employees are following all health guidelines to ensure that the health of your family and guests is our first priority. This includes following all social distancing and sanitary guidelines. 


We will continue to monitor and follow Federal, Washington State, Spokane County, and other local updates or restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.   We apologize for the inconvenience resulting from these current limits and any future changes that will impact you and your family.   


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