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Green Funerals

Environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional burial and cremation. 
Green Funerals and Green Burials 

Sustainable Alternatives for you, your family, and future generations. 


Heritage Funeral and Cremation is dedicated to providing sustainable and environmentally friendly choices to Inland Northwest families. 

We believe in providing families with choices that protect and preserves the earth in the future while providing dignity and honor to your family today.




Direct Green Burial


Our Direct Burial offering for Green Burial provides the key essentials needed for a dignifiied and earth-friendly burial.


Our Direct Burial service includes the following:

  • Basic Service of Heritage Funeral Home Staff
  • Refrigeration
  • Transfer from Place of Death to Funeral Home
  • Transportation to Cemetery



Celebration of Life Green Burial Package


The Celebration of Life Green Burial Package provides our most popular funeral services which can save money while also saving the environment.


This package includes the following services:

  • Basic Service of Heritage Funeral Home Staff
  • Refrigeration
  • Bathing, Dressing and Casketing
  • Use of Facility and Staff for Celebration of Life event
  • Transfer from Place of Death to Funeral Home
  • Use of Funeral Coach




*Package prices do not include caskets, containers, markers/monuments or internment.  See additional information below. Your final cost will be determined on any additional services or products you and your family may also desire. Please contact us at Heritage Funeral and Cremation to explore your options and their costs.



Green Cremation


While cremation is considered more environmentally friendly than burial, the requirement of heat for traditional cremation has drawbacks: It both releases harmful toxins into the environment and uses a lot of energy to complete.


Green cremation, using a process called alkaline hydrolysis (also referred to as aquamation), uses water and potassium hydroxide to reduce the body to ash without requiring the consumption of energy to product flames at the required temperature. This process uses less energy and avoids releasing any of those harmful toxins.


Heritage Funeral and Cremation is the first cremation provider in the Inland Northwest to offer alkaline hydrolysis.  For more information, please contact us at Heritage Funeral and Cremations and we would be happy to answer your questions.





When deciding to select a green funeral and burial, you will be able to choose options that are friendly to the earth and use materials that are produced in a sustainable manner.


Whether you desire cremation or body burial, green burial provides caskets, carriers and urns that are designed to decompose in time.  This is the opposite of conventional burial, which uses concrete vaults and caskets (or urns) that are designed to protect the body or ashes.


Green burial uses caskets (or carriers) and shrouds (used to wrap the body) which are designed to facilitate and encourage the decomposition process (and decompose themselves). The purpose is to enable the natural, organic decomposition of the body over time.


Below are examples of a few of these types of carriers.  Contact us at Heritage Funeral and Cremation for more options and information on these products.

Sustainable Caskets


For those who choose cremation, a wide variety of materials are used to create urns that are designed to decompose over time.  


Biodegradable Urns






Forest Grove at Riverside Memorial Park allows families the ability to provide a final resting place for their loved ones in a sustainable and earth friendly manner. 

All the products used at Forest Grove are 100% natural and/or 100% biodegradable, allowing the grove to maintain in its natural state. Our team utilizes earth friendly sustainable methods for each burial and cremation placement to minimize disturbances to the natural ecosystem.


Forest Grove Green Burial 

Learn More 




If you are looking for additional resources and information about the sustainable options listed above, or want to know more about which methods are the most enviornmentally-friendly, we are pleased to offer a 14 page guide to sustainable memorialization with our Green Burial and Cremation eBook.


We ask that you simply complete some basic information below and you will be redirected to a page where you can download your free guide to Green Burial and Cremation.


Green Burial & Cremation Guide Download Form









Heritage Funeral & Cremation is dedicated to supporting you and your family during the difficult time of losing a loved one.  It is our goal to do everything we can to ensure that your cremation and funeral arrangements are precisely what you and your family desire and always done in a professional and dignified manner during your time of need.   


We would be honored to help you make arrangements for immediate cremation , traditional funeral services, or to consult with you on making your own memorialization plans at any time. 



 We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have and be with you during this difficult time. 

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