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Congratulations!  Starting the process of creating a plan is a major step to ensuring that your wishes are documented and that your loved ones are not forced to make difficult decisions for you when you pass.   


Taking this step is a wonderful action for both you and your loved ones.  In fact, did you know only 17% of US adults currently have a plan in place for their funeral arrangements or memorials?  Many people are (perhaps understandably) intimidated by the process, but it is typically not as difficult nor as expensive as many might imagine.  


Planning for your funeral or memorial arrangements provides two important benefits:

  1. Defining your legacy & memorial.  Everyone has a life full of people, stories, events, and memories that we want to endure for future generations.  With a plan in place, you get to ensure that the type of disposition you desire (cremation or burial), the type of service you want, the friends, coworkers and others you want to ensure are participants or invited to your service, and (of course) the type, design, and location of your interment or memorial.
  2. Creating your plan is a gift to family members and loved ones relieved of financial and emotional decisions.  Your commitment to create a plan will relieve family members of making emotionally difficult decisions when they are suffering from a loss.  Through the process of pre-arrangement, pre-funding will insure that funeral expenses will be paid for; with arrangements being made at a time when ones financial setting is more predictable.  Pre-planning is a true and gentle gift to loved ones, easing the burden for those left behind.

Our completely free Pre-Planning Guide ebook provides an informative overview of the many options you have avallable, the important documents and information that your family will need, and guidance about what to know about estate planning, probate, and so much more.   This ebook includes an offline planning workbook that you can use to start to document the information that should be shared with others, as well as fully illustrated examples of various memorialization options.   Of course, if you have any questions or would like to meet with someone, call Heritage Funerals & Cremation at (509) 838-8900 .


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